KANSAS CITY, Mo. — LADYCO, a local women’s boutique, has moved into the New Dime Store space in Brookside.

The New Dime Store was a long-time staple in the neighborhood before a fire closed its doors in 2020, and now LADYCO owner, Abby Flores is excited to give the location new life.

Flores and her husband opened their first stores COCO and Lady Bye almost five years ago, and now they’re expanding to serve even more customers.

“When COVID happened, foot traffic just stopped, and it never really came back to that end of Brookside because a lot of our retail neighbors left during COVID,” Flores said. 

She says they’ve had their eye on the New Dime Store space for a while and say the larger, more visible space will help them reach new customers.

“Here, we’ve got the room to expand, and we can have like ten people with strollers in here and there’s still space to do cartwheels,” Flores laughed.

LADYCO is all about inclusivity and offers sizes for all body types, including plus sizes, with a combination of the best from COCO and Lady Bye. 

“It gives us a chance to serve our customers in new ways and to meet so many more people in Brookside,” Flores said.

The shop is open Tuesday through Sunday and located at 314 W 63rd Street.