Brookside post office closure forces residents to visit other branches for mail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo — Most of us have heard the post office motto: neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps mail carriers from their appointed rounds, but when it comes to people who have post office boxes at the Brookside branch, something is stopping them from getting their mail.

There is a sign on the door notifying customers that the U.S. Postal Service has implemented an emergency suspension on the Country Club Station location, directing folks to the Waldo location on Gregory Boulevard.

Some people took the news in stride, while others are upset about the changes.

Elizabeth Logan says she just renewed her post office box at the 63rd Street location on November 2.

“They could have told me right then we will not be here, “she said of the day she renewed her P.O. box. “I am sure they just did not come to work one day, ‘oh my God, the post office closed. Too bad.’ I mean this is insanity.”

Logan says this is the second time the doors have been locked. She came by to get her mail on Sunday as she usually does.

“I thought nothing of it. It’s just now we can’t go into our post office box on Sunday. Well, we can not go into them at all,” Logan said. “And now I am even madder because why did they take my money on the 2nd when they knew really that they were going to close? I mean, this is just absolutely, you know what it is, it is just the way they operate. What’s the big surprise?”

Dean Petrus who also has a P.O. Box in Brookside went to the Waldo location to find out what is going on.

“They told me that they are moving all of the post office boxes from this location to the Gregory location. In fact, they were doing that while I was there,”Petrus said. “All of the post office boxes for zip code 64114 are being moved to Martin City at 135th Street.”

The Brookside post office is just over a mile from the Waldo location. For those forced to drive from Waldo to the Martin City post office, it is 8.2 miles each way.

“I am sure glad that my post office box is here, not there, because I sure don’t want to drive to Martin City for my mail,” Petrus said.

A spokesperson with the Postal Service could not confirm the Waldo boxes will be moved to Martin City.

The U.S.P.S sent out the following statement regarding the Country Club Station Post Office closure: “As a result of a recent safety inspection at the leased facility, retail and delivery services located at the Country Club Station have been moved to the Waldo Post Office located at 119 W. Gregory St. 1.1 miles away. There is no time table for reopening at his time.”

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