Brookside woman who lost everything she owns twice sends a message by tagging her own home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — To say a Brookside woman has had a year of bad luck is putting it lightly. She lost everything in a house fire last year, and Wednesday night, everything she bought for her renovated home was stolen.

You may wonder why Georgianna Reid is defacing her own property. She says it’s the only way she can get her message across. It reads, “$5,000 cash reward for information on who robbed me.”

“I just hope it works,” Reid said.

Reid says she lost everything inside this home last January, after her Christmas tree caught on fire and all of her belongings went up in flames.

“How do you feel when once you’ve lost your home of 38 years? I’ve lost things I can never replace.”

She and her son moved down the block, while the home was renovated. The two were excited for a fresh start. Reid housed thousands of dollars worth of appliances in her garage: TVs, bedroom sets, a washer and dryer among the items. Wednesday night, neighbors report seeing two men break in and take it all.

“What do you do now? Everything I purchased for this home is gone. It’s gone! It’s gone,” Reid lamented.

Reid feels hopeless. With each spray, she’s hoping for a miracle.

“Somebody may want $5,000. Somebody may wanna come forward. Call me. Tell me who did this to my home. Who did this to me?”

Reid has filed a police report and is working with detectives. If you know anything about this robbery, you can reach Reid at (816) 912-2103.



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