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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Thursday Kansas City police identified a brother and sister who were shot dead on the city’s southside Wednesday morning. 

Police say 21-year-old Roy Bausby and 20-year-old Gabriel Freeman died in the double shooting.

Investigators say this happened at Canyon Creek Apartments, near 93rd & Bales, and this puts Kansas City at a record 173 homicides in 2020.   

Police and community advocates told FOX4 they are beyond exhausted and are pleading for for the public’s help to stop it.

“We are a small community, and we are losing a lot of our children, our family members, by the hands of someone else.  We need to find a way to diffuse our frustration, our anger in the right direction to get these people off our streets,” said Rosilyn Temple, director of Mother’s in Charge.

Temple has met numerous grieving families this year. Each one takes a heavy toll.

“We have a problem. It’s a community problem. I’ve been saying it a long time. Until we as a community step up and accept our responsibility as a whole, just not a few people—but all people—and when we see something like this going on in our community, our neighborhood, we all must come out in numbers and step up,” Temple said.
Police say neighbors heard loud arguing outside just before 11 a.m. Some peeked out windows to see what was going on. Seconds later, 15 to 20 shots fired, killing Bausby and Freeman.
“We’re in an apartment complex. Most people are still working from home with COVID or out of school or other things. I know we’re pretty close to Christmas vacation. I’ve seen delivery trucks bring things in. It is ludicrous someone would fire shots in these circumstances,” said Capt. David Jackson with KCPD.

Police are still searching for suspects and pleading for witnesses to come forward and cooperate. 
“There are families attached to these victims. These are not numbers in the paper or on your news at night, somebody is going into Christmas now without their loved ones,” Jackson said. 
“Step up and speak up. Call the TIPS Hotline. Don’t need your names. Tell what you saw and what happened so we can get this perpetrator, this monster off our streets,” Temple said. 

If you can help police in this investigation, call (816) 474-8477, you can be anonymous and potentially collect a $25,000 reward.