BELTON, Mo. — A brown couch found recently by maintenance crews in the Belton, Raymore area turned into a fun photo opportunity for MoDOT workers.

MoDOT said the couch made into an iconic photo spot near the ramp at MO-58 to the northbound I-49 on-ramp.

MoDOT said while their crews love a good photo opportunity, dumping things like couches, on roadsides is illegal and means its crews must remove and dispose of it.

“It’s illegal to dispose or dump trash/litter on MoDOT right of way,” the company said. “Even cozy-looking brown couches.”

MoDOT said it is important to secure your load to keeps motorists, pedestrians and maintenance workers safe.

MoDOT said its workers are “dedicated to doing their part to keep their communities ‘looking good’ and roadways safe.”

“Work zones can be moving operations, such as striping, patching or mowing,” MoDOT said. “They can also be short term, temporary lane closures to make quick repairs or remove debris like ‘brown couches’ from the roadway.

To report a road concern to MoDOT, call 1-888-275-6636.