Brown Recluse Spiders Invade Missouri Home

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MARBLE HILL, Mo. — Having one or two spiders in your home is typical, but an invasion of the eight-legged creatures is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

A woman living in southeast Missouri knows what that’s like. Her home has been overrun by brown recluse spiders. According to KFVS, Jessica Bockhorn is too terrified to sleep in her own bed. She’s been staying with family in North Carolina while her husband continues to wage war.

“It’s extreme,” said Darren Bockhorn in an interview with KFVS. “I’ve counted over 100 in the house right now. I’ve counted several hundred more in the traps over the last few months. There’s no telling how many are in the walls.”

The Bockhorns said the house sat empty for a year prior to them moving in. They think that’s when the spiders laid claim to their home.

Together the Bockhorns have two kids and after Jessica was bitten by a brown recluse in June, she high tailed it to North Carolina.

“She looked in the mirror and it was crawling out of her hair,” said Darren. “That was just a few hours after we had sprayed.”

Darren said Jessica’s spider bite got to be the size of a pork chop, but fortunately Jessica didn’t suffer any long-term damage.

Experts say spiders, next to bed bugs, are the toughest pest to get rid of. The Bockhorns can attest to that. After three professional sprayings, nothing seems to deter the spiders.

A pest control company in their area is scheduled to visit the home — recommending the family “fog” their home. They say spiders elevate themselves off the floor, which makes spraying virtually ineffective. The Bockhorns also plan to file a claim with their insurance company.





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