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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Those living inside one low income apartment building say they have been without water and air conditioning since noon Saturday.

Now, community activists are stepping up to help those living inside Brush Creek Towers.

Community activists were upset to hear that residents living there didn’t have fresh water or air conditioning, so they took it upon themselves to help some of those residents out.

“It was very concerning when I started to get the multiple phone calls about the conditions in the building,” Latahra Smith with the KC Freedom Project said.

Smith, along with Eve Moffatt, gathered up as much water as they could, filled up their trunk and went down to Brush Creek Towers to bring some relief.

“We brought over 30 gallons of water. We’re going to get some more water and bring it over. But that’s not enough for all the amount of people who reside in this building,” Smith said.

“They cannot cook. They can’t use their toilets,” Moffatt said. “This could be my mother. This could be your mother.”

William Rosato, a resident at Brush Creek Towers, has a shopping cart with several gallons of water. He has a heart condition and said the heat is wearing him out.

“I had to go to the hospital this morning to be checked out because it is so hot,” Rosato said. “I went to Sun Fresh yesterday and got water, but I couldn’t go too far today so I went to Walgreens.”

FOX4 reached out to the Housing Authority for comment and did not receive a response.

Residents like Rosato want answers.

“Housing Authority should have came and brought us waters or put us up somewhere,” Rosato said. “We haven’t heard from the management or Housing Authority on what’s going on here.”

The Kansas City Health Department said:

As of earlier today, we had not received any complaints from tenants at Brush Creek Tower Apartments. However, a Kansas City Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program health inspector went to assess the situation, which is being reported as no water and no A/C. The report we write up (listening violations and courses of action) is typically ready the following day.

KCMO Health

If you have a health or safety concern in your Kansas City rental housing, please call the Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program to file a complaint.

An inspector from the health department will be out to investigate. That number is 816-513-6347.