KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The sound of rain falling along Troost Avenue Monday evening was suddenly punctured around 7 p.m. by the sound of a car hitting the side of Urban Cafe at Troost Avenue and East 55th Street.

“I heard a ‘pow,’ and I thought it was a transformer,” said One Pair KC Owner Jerren Thornhill.

He said Monday’s crash is just the latest outcome of aggressive and fast driving that’s all too common along Troost.

“Is it called Troost Drag Street?” asked Thornhill. “Is that the name for it? Because it seems like they just fly up and down this street with no regard.”

Thornhill says just a few minutes after the crash he saw, he heard about another one just a few blocks away. Those crashes come after a similar crash in September, which sent a car through the front entrance of Anchor Island Coffee on Troost and 41st.

“This is a pretty busy street even during the day,” said Midwest Masters Screen Printing’s Adam Vinck.

His business has been on the corner of East 55th and Troost for seven years, attracting plenty of business from various parts of town while watching cars drive pretty fast outside.

“I think any measures that they could take to make this part of town safe are something that I would look forward to,” Vinck said.

This spring and summer, FOX4 documented city efforts to redesign East 31st Street to slow traffic down and make the street safer after a series of crashes on that roadway.

Kansas City tells FOX4 it doesn’t have any plans right now to do similar work along Troost, but it could consider a similar project if funding becomes available.

Thornhill says safter streets are a big deal while he and other business owners are investing in new businesses that some pedestrians might think twice about walking to.

“Safe traffic and a safe flow would help improve the community and made people feel good and that they can walk around not have to worry about a car flying down Troost,” Thornhill said.

You can see a map of crashes in Kansas City here.

You can read more about Kansas City’s effort to make roadways safer here.