Bullets Fly Near School Bus Stop in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kids walking to their bus stop on Monday morning were nearly hit by bullets coming from two directions. It happened near 57th & Nogard in Kansas City, Kan.

"I hear massive amount of gunfire right up the block," said Laveda Davis. "It sounds so close."

Davis screamed for her daughter to get on the ground.

"I'm telling my daughter to get down, hit the ground," Davis said. "It was scary, awful and scary."

Another mother rushed downstairs, trying to get to her daughter who was already out the door.

"I'm like, 'my daughter, my daughter, I need to get my daughter,'" said another mother.

The 13-year-old was just feet from where at least two men were shooting at each other.

"Me and my friends were coming down to the bus stop and he started shooting then they left," said one witness. "Then that's when another couple dudes came and started shooting again."

Neighbors say the bus driver backed up to get away from the crossfire. Kids scrambled in all directions running for their lives.

"When I heard gunshots and I came to the house and I said, 'Momma, they shooting out there,'" a witness said. "I was trying to twist the knob, and I couldn't get in."

One house was left with bullet holes after the shootout. Neighbors were struck with fear.

"I was scared," a witness said. "I am still afraid, and every time I see a black truck I get scared," said one of the witnesses.

"My main goal is to establish an outlet for them to keep them away from the violence, the drugs, the sex, the things that are all negative and try to make a difference in our community," said Davis.

No one was hurt during the shootout. If you have any information on this incident, call Kansas City Kansas Police Department or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.



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