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SHAWNEE, Kan. — Six bullets hit a Johnson County home, missing several young children by a mere few feet.

The area was on lock down for several hours Sunday morning, as police searched for the suspects. With no arrests, neighbors are on edge and fear they will come back.

“I did wake up to my dogs barking at the couple, waving down police officers.”

Ryan Moyer woke up early Sunday morning and realized his home was in the middle of an active crime scene.

“The police department had the entire neighborhood just locked down, they were afraid of someone coming back trying to finish the job.”

He lives in the duplex and said the family who lives on the other side was the target of the drive-by shooting.

“They kept on hearing gun shots all over the place. From the north to the south to the west.”

The left side of the duplex was hit with six bullets. Officers told neighbors the suspect opened fire with an AK-47.

Moyer said a family was living in the space and the bullets missed several young children who were sleeping on the other side of the brick wall. Two bullets went through the siding upstairs and nearly hit a man sleeping.

“He was sleeping on the couch and I think the bullets missed him by a couple of feet.”

Moyer’s grandpa owns the duplex. He said the family caused several complaints in the area and his grandpa noticed them of eviction in February but the family never left.

“They are refusing to leave. They aren’t paying him rent because he doesn’t want the money, he just wants them out.”

The Moyers are praying now more than ever that the family leaves for good. They believe the suspect who opened fire knew children were inside but didn’t care if they lived or died.

“This just needs to stop, this is outrageous.”

The property owners are working on getting an emergency eviction.

If you know anything about this shooting, call Shawnee police at (913) 631-2155.