Burglar leaves Northland family hurt and in fear after rummaging through their home as they slept

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are investigating after a family said a man burglarized their Northland home for hours while they were asleep just feet away. It happened overnight Sunday at their home along Northwest 67th Terrace.

“Hurt, fear, anger,” that’s how homeowner Roy Schademann said he and his wife felt after the burglary. “What are you doing in our house?”

The man who was wearing a partial face mask worked so quietly he didn’t even wake the family’s two dogs.

Schademann said around 11 p.m. Sunday he thought he heard a noise in his basement, The veteran said his hearing has been iffy since he served overseas, so he went downstairs to check it out himself. He said he listened up against his basement door to see if he heard anything in his garage. Surveillance video later revealed that a man was standing on the other side of the door.

“It’s very creepy, we both feel very violated,” said Schademann.

Schademann said he didn’t hear anything in the garage so he went to bed. During the hours following his surveillance video captured a man rummaging through his home and stealing items, including multiple guns. Schademann said one of the guns was an assault rifle.

The couple said the surveillance video got even creepier when they saw the man come upstairs and take items, just feet away from their bedroom where the door was open.

“The audacity of somebody stealing, you know, that’s just about as low as you can get,” he said. “We work hard for our stuff, everything we get.”

Schademann said the man propped himself up on a chair on the side of the couple’s home and broke in through the kitchen window. He said before the man left the house he cut all of the cords to his surveillance cameras.

Schademann said police are investigating and looking over the surveillance video. If you know who the man in the video is, call police immediately at (816) 474-TIPS.

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