Burglary victim says he’s being intimidated for calling Kansas City police

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After 34 years, a KC homeowner says he’s afraid to live in his own house after burglars recently ransacked it.

It’s an example of why victims sometimes are unwilling to report crime.

George Ringer recently traveled out of state to attend his brother’s funeral. The 78-year-old returned to find his historic home in the Old Northeast turned upside down, with dozens of tools stolen, along with electronics and other valuables.

Three vehicles on his property also were broken into, and the thieves damaged a door, a window and a fence surrounding his home.

Ringer suspects that it had to be someone nearby who knew he was gone.

He sad in more than 30 years here, he’s never called police about anything, but now he’s beginning to regret filing a report about the burglary.

“I am afraid. I am terrified,” Ringer said. “I also went to Harbor Freight in Independence to purchase three separate lights security lights that come on with a motion detector. One that will light the world up. And I put them up. I have gigantic locks on my front doors.”

Ringer installed lights and locks because since he first called police, he claims there have been about 40 gunshots fired outside, near his home. The latest incident happened Saturday.

The retired Teamster and military veteran said he’s frustrated because each time police respond, they haven’t made any arrests because Ringer didn’t see the person firing the gun.

Police continue to urge Ringer to report anything suspicious that he sees or hears, but like many victims, he just wants the criminals caught. Unfortunately, he’s learning firsthand that the wheels of justice can move slowly.

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