Busy bar night before Thanksgiving has KC patrons taking precautions

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Before Black Friday comes Blackout Wednesday – the night before Thanksgiving that is earning the reputation as one of the busiest drinking nights of the year for bars.

Some people even refer to the night as “Drunksgiving”, a time when people return home for the holiday, reconnect with old friends, and raise their glasses to a good time.

But police warn a night of fun can quickly take a wrong turn for those who choose to binge drink or drive home drunk.

It’s a real concern as DUI arrests jump 33 percent between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, when compared to the rest of the year, according to a recent report by Alcohol Monitoring Systems.

People FOX 4 talked with in Westport Wednesday night said they plan to play it safe.

“With our DD, we’re avoiding the possibility of drunk driving, and the possibility of causing an accident and killing, not only ourselves, but somebody else,” said Jessi Gunnels, who was out with her cousin celebrating the holiday and her 21st birthday.

Zach Gouldsmith said he anticipated taking it easy, just having a few drinks and walking home with a friend.

“If you’re going to decide to drive drunk,” he said, “you should just stop, give your keys to somebody else you know, and take a cab. Cabs are out here, there are Ubers, there is Lyft. There’s all kinds of ways to get home, even if you have a sober friend, it’s always a good idea.”



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