LIBERTY, Mo. — Parents and caregivers around Liberty, Missouri have a new and unique place for everyone to spend time when the temperatures drop.

FOX4 first told you about the Busy Bean Play Cafe over the summer, when work was just starting to turn it into a play space for kids with a coffee shop for adults.

So far, it’s already attracted people like Courtney Lohkamp.

“We saw it on Facebook, and it just seemed like a cool opportunity for our toddler to have something fun to do,” Lohkamp said.

What started as mostly empty space when we visited in July is now filled with kids and their parent playing with equipment and toys specifically picked out by owner Shannan Conner.

“None of our toys are those electronic toys that make the sounds for you,” Conner said, who is also a speech pathologist. “These kids are having to talk to enhance their play so that language development is enhanced while they’re playing here.”

The social media accounts that have already attracted parents since the Busy Bean Play Cafe opened in late August also give out informational tips for parents, answering questions many caregivers might worry about but struggle to ask.

“It’s just like, ‘Hey we’re moms, we’re going through this crazy world too and here are some helpful things to utilize with your children,” Conner said.

“We’re kind of up in this little niche area where there’s just not a lot of indoor activities to do so to have something like this where we can run off some energy and be with kids the same age, that’s so nice up here,” Lohkamp said.

If you want more information about events at Busy Bean Play Cafe and how to reserve time there, click here.