California dispensary opens club for kids who use medical cannabis oil

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MODESTO, Calif. -- A special cannabis club for kids has opened up in California. It's become a hit with local parents who use cannabis oil to treat their kids with medical conditions.

On the inside, you'd have to search for the signs to learn that this is a medical marijuana dispensary. Kids like 8-year-old Zoe Ridenour, who suffers from ADHD ADD extreme, say the drug is improving their lives.

"I went up four grade levels in school," Zoe said.

Cannabis oil is extracted from hemp and does not contain THC, the compound found in marijuana that gets users high. It does, however, have notable medicinal properties that these parents say are life-changing.

Her mother Sherry Poe said Zoe's life was drastically different on prescription drugs.

"She started getting ticks, crying all the time. At one point, she told me she didn't want to live anymore," Sherry said.

But just a few drops of the cannabis-infused oil a day and a year and a half later, there's been a vast improvement.

"She sleeps. She's gained weight. She's happy; she smiles; she laughs," Sherry said.

A similar outcome is shared by many families who came here today.

Jason David is the president of Jayden's Journey, a dispensary named after his son, and one which caters to kids.

"If it doesn't work, throw it away," David said for parents considering cannabis oil for their children. But for the many patients he sees, "it changes your life like it changes my son's life."

One of his youngest epilepsy patients, Zya Mao, just turned 6 months old. Her father Jhoson Mao believes this is a better alternative to prescriptions.

"We noticed, like I said, she feels present, her eye is not as wobbly as it used to be," he said.

And Mao said his daughter's doctor is not advising against it.

"A quarter million people die a year from pharmaceuticals, the same ones we give our children, and no one says a word," David said. "When a child is sick the whole family is sick."



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