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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A California man is facing 18 years in federal prison for the sex trafficking of six victims.

Ronald Ean Taylor, 45, of Sacramento pleaded guilty to trafficking six victims between late 2014 and summer 2017.

An investigation into Taylor began in June 2016, when one of the victims contacted Kansas City police. She said that Taylor was a pimp who lived in California, but was selling drugs and engaging in sex trafficking in the Kansas City area.

The victim said Taylor was mean and manipulative and would threaten her. She also said that Taylor provided drugs to his victims, including one who would die from a drug overdose when she was with him.

The victims would be featured in ads posted online and Taylor used hotels near Blue Ridge Cutoff by the stadiums to conduct his business.

According to federal investigators, Taylor would lure the women by taking them to California and showing them an extravagant lifestyle. they would begin dancing in strip clubs before he would fly them back to Kansas City to prostitute. He would then take all of their money.

A second victim said that Taylor smashed a liquor bottle over her head. She said she felt like Taylor would hurt her if she refused to engage in sexual activity with him.

A third victim told agents that Taylor was violent and choked her unconscious before forcibly raping her.

A fourth victim’s mother contacted law enforcement saying that Taylor kept her daughter against her will in Hollywood, Calif. She said that Taylor would keep her daughter in a constant state of intoxication so that she would not contact her family.

A fifth victim said that Taylor would supply her and the sixth victim with heroin. The sixth victim died from a drug overdose.

Under a plea agreement, Taylor will be sentenced to 18 years in federal prison without the possibility of parole and must pay restitution to his victims.  Formal sentencing is scheduled at a later date.