Cameron Lamb’s family calls for change, chief’s resignation at KC police board meeting


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tuesday’s Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners meeting began by addressing pay raises and gun thefts throughout the city.

But it was quickly overshadowed by public comment when members of the community wanted to be heard, including the stepfather of Cameron Lamb, who was shot and killed by a Kansas City police detective.

“The FBI, the Department of Justice need to come in here and shut this place down,” Aqil Bey said.

Bey and others came to voice their concerns and frustrations — not only with Kansas City police officers’ actions but also with words from Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith.

“Because the chief of police allowed this type of behavior, (Det. Eric) DeValkenaere snatched the life out of Cameron,” Bey said. “Chief Smith you need to resign.”

Bey wasn’t alone. Activists, organizers and everyday Kansas Cititans joined him Tuesday, calling for change within the department. Groups have been calling for Smith’s resignation or removal for well over a year now, largely since the protests in summer 2020. Last month, Smith announced he will retire sometime in 2022.

“It is a crime to allow both of you to continue the harm you have inflicted on our community. BOPC, do your job and be our voice,” said Steve Young, a member of Friday Night Protest.

And now anger has compounded on anger, following the recent release of a comment Smith made in 2019, moments after DeValkenaere shot and killed Lamb. A source close to the investigation confirmed to FOX4 a voice in the video heard saying, “Everyone’s good, house is clear, bad guy is dead,” is Smith.

Activists feel that not only the chief but the whole Kansas City Police Department participated in what they call a coverup, an accusation the agency fully denies.

“He just taken his officers’ word on what happened. So it makes me say he was a dereliction of duty, you know, in my opinion was unbecoming of officer,” Bey said.

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