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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former Kansas City Police Detective Eric DeValkenaere was sentenced to six years in jail Friday in the death of Cameron Lamb.

However, DeValkenaere remains out of jail on an appeal bond.

It was an emotional day for the Lamb family, and while some may say they got justice Lamb’s loved ones say nothing will bring Cameron back. A day where they should feel closure is leaving open wounds.

“He’s going to jail. I don’t care how long it takes that man is going to jail,” Lamb’s mother Laurie Bey said.

DeValkenaere was sentenced to six years in jail. Three years for involuntary manslaughter and another three for armed criminal action.

“He’s going to jail. Not totally happy about that but the bottom line is we got the conviction, he’s been sentenced, at some point he will be going to jail,” Bey said.

However, DeValkenaere will remain out of jail on his appeal bond as his case moves through the higher courts. It means he may not go to jail until there is a decision on his appeal which could take some time.

While Lamb’s family believes DeValkenaere’s conviction will stand, the former detective’s team believes he will have a successful appeal.

“We will never stop fighting for Eric and his family,” his attorney, Sean McCauley said. “We look forward to the day where Eric is exonerated of these charges and his name is finally clear.”

Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney, Jean Peters Baker, said she’s pleased with DeValkenaere’s conviction.

“The rule of law must apply to all of us. If there’s some entity, some group the rule of law doesn’t apply to then we’re in trouble,” Peters Baker said.

“He will serve his time and he will still get to go home and break bread with his family. He’ll get to have Christmas holidays; he’ll get to celebrate birthdays. He’ll get to celebrate everything that we can no longer celebrate with my son. So, he’s good. They can go and visit him,” Bey said.

“While we disagree with the court’s decision, we respect it and we will move forward,” McCauley said.

Peters Baker said Lamb’s family will never recover from their loss.

“I hope this brings them some closure even though they didn’t get everything that they wanted. That they got a measure of justice and that we felt like it was time for them to leave this courthouse honoring the son they lost,” Peters Baker said.

Days after Lamb’s death Peters Baker says the Kansas City Missouri Police Department asked her to charge him with domestic violence.

“That was a pretty dark day,” Peters Baker said. “It was a clue of where their heads were and it seemed obvious to be of what they were trying to do which was to paint Cameron Lamb as a person he was not.

She said Lamb always helped her when she needed it, worked hard, and loved his children.

“My son is so proud of me, and I know he is. I feel his presence all the time. I know he’s saying go mama. You got this,” Bey said.

However, DeValkenaere’s lawyer said Lamb is the reason he’s not here today and not the former officer.

“This entire situation could have been prevented with one word – compliance. Compliance with the instruction of the officer. Compliance with the law,” McCauley said.

“He’s going to have to be held accountable for the crime that’s committed. There’s truly no justice because my son is gone,” Bey said.

DeValkenaere’s lawyers will work on his appeal. Both Lamb’s family and the county believe his conviction will stand.