KANSAS CITY, Mo. —While Kansas City prepares for the Chiefs Victory Parade on Wednesday, fans are looking for answers to all sorts of questions.

And after Missouri dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana earlier this month, some people may be asking: Can you smoke marijuana along the parade route? 

While the passage of Missouri’s Amendment 3 allows adults 21 and older to use marijuana in their homes, you still can’t consume it in public. 

Despite Kansas City officials opting to end the prosecution of marijuana possession in 2020, state and federal law still apply, and people can still be charged under those systems. 

Missouri prohibits the use of marijuana, recreational or medical, in public spaces and while driving a vehicle.

City leaders have also stressed that the public consumption of alcohol will be prohibited at the parade and rally.

The Chiefs’ Championship Parade will begin at noon Wednesday. The celebration will include a rally at Union Station when the parade ends around 1:45 p.m.