Online course offers cancer education for teenagers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most teenagers are touched by cancer, but don’t know anything about it. Now a course designed to inform and answer questions is being offered.

The course launches this week and the doctors behind it say they were shocked to learn something like it didn’t already exist. The course is called “Cancer education for teens.”

The course answers the question “what is cancer and who gets it?” It also helps teens understand the risk factors for cancer, ways to reduce risks and how to support those with cancer.

The course has been tested in classrooms in Washington state, and starting this week, it’s available online. The team that developed the interactive course say they want to reach as many teens as possible.

“If I were a parent or if one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer and they had children, this would be a great place to start,” Dr. Jennifer Klemp with The University of Kansas Cancer Center said. “To understand the dialogue about what is cancer and really take it from this scary thing that they see on TV, unfortunately  that sensationalizes it, to a place where they are informed because  whenever we are not informed, we take it to a level where it’s not always a happy place.”

If you want more information about the online course, click on this link.



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