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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A driver is mourning the death of her boyfriend`s son in a traffic crash.

Angel Davis says another driver slammed into the car they were travelling in. She didn`t want FOX 4 to use her picture, pictures of her three sons, or her boyfriend`s son, following Friday morning`s crash. All five were in a maroon Chevrolet Impala she was driving.

Independence Police say she and the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado collided at Blue Ridge Boulevard and Sterling Avenue shortly before 10:30 a.m. Friday.

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Though police told FOX 4 they`re still collecting evidence and determining fault, Davis says the man in the truck gunned it to get through a yield light.

A witness said, “The man in white truck ran the red light. The kids were still trapped inside with the mother. We tried to break the windows but we couldn`t.”

Davis says she ran back to the car and kicked out the doors from the inside to free her three boys; ages six, one, and nine months old. She says her boyfriend`s son, riding in the front seat, was in the floorboard.

“Ambulances were dispatched; they came out and transported everyone to a local hospital,” said Tom Gentry with the Independence Police Department.

Davis says neither she nor the boy wore seatbelts. He died Friday afternoon at the hospital.

Independence police say they used 3D laser technology to map out crash scene and talked with witnesses. Gentry told FOX 4 they`re a ways off from any filing any charges, if any at all.

FOX 4 knocked on the door of the man whose name the truck was registered to, but no one came to the door.

Angel Davis said her boyfriend`s son turned 11 less than a week ago and the family was supposed to celebrate his birthday Saturday.

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