Witnesses on opposite ends of police chase describe wild scene that wound through metro

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RIVERSIDE, Mo. -- Hearing the screeching of tires, one metro man says he knew a routine car stop was anything but, so he grabbed his cell phone and captured what would be the beginning of a high-speed chase on camera.

That chase started in Independence, spanning several towns before finally ending at Argosy Casino just after 5 on Wednesday afternoon.

One man knew in his gut that things were about to get intense, as the driver of a red pickup truck was high tailing it out of town, with a Jackson County deputy hot on their trail.

“It got real, real quick! It was just a very intense moment that I’ve never witnessed before, so I tried to document it as quickly as I could,” Jared Parks explained. "When he peeled out is when I started filming."

Parks captured that footage on his cell phone, thinking fast after he noticed a routine car stop escalate across the street from his office in Independence.

“The officer approached the vehicle from the driver's side. The woman stepped out of the vehicle. They got into the form of a little bit of a fight, she jumped back into the truck, put the truck into reverse, slammed the officer’s vehicle twice and then peeled out,” Parks recalled.

Deputies and other agencies joined until the chase came to screeching halt outside Argosy Casino.

Mitchell Francis is a valet attendant who said a man and woman hopped out and ran inside, but didn’t make it far before deputies caught them.

“I literally just jumped behind a car, and just kind of watched it all unfold, like a movie in real life. I don’t know what they were thinking, there’s police officers everywhere,” Francis said.

The wild ride that began with a bang ended with the man and woman in the back of a cop car.

“Craziest thing I’ve ever seen, yeah, I mean, some of the night guys have some pretty crazy stories, but this is up there for sure,” said Francis.

Deputies have not yet revealed what sparked the initial car stop or whether these two suspects have warrants out for their arrest. FOX 4 expects to learn more from the sheriff’s office on Thursday.



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