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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Celebrating the new year is all in good fun, until someone gets hurt or there’s property damage. One metro woman, who lives near 29th and Paseo, said celebratory gunfire damaged her car, and she says she’s thankful to be alive.

“It sounded like a war zone,” Jeanene Dunn said.

On January 1st, just after the clock struck midnight, Dunn said she heard multiple gun shots and fireworks go off outside her home.

“There were lots of pow, pow, pow, boom,” Dunn added.

People were celebrating the new year, and Dunn said the noise lasted at least 30 minutes.

“I was pretty freaked out. My son was sitting in the living room and I just told him to turn off all the lights, and to move away from the windows,” Dunn said. “We just didn’t want anything to come through the windows to hurt us.”

Dunn said the next morning she went to run an errand and couldn’t see out her car’s back window.

“I thought my rear window was just foggy, and when I got out of the car to scrape it off, I noticed that there was a small hole and that the whole thing was shattered,” Dunn said, who then called police.

“He just said he’d been running from call to call taking reports on property damage,” Dunn explained.

Dunn said the officer told her the calls were all from celebratory gunfire.

“First I got mad. I thought, who does this?” Dunn exclaimed.

According to Kansas City, Missouri police, from 7 p.m. on Dec. 31 to 7 a.m. on Jan. 1, dispatch had around 352 sound of shots calls.

“If you want to exercise your Second Amendment right and shoot your gun, at least go to the gun range. Don’t fire your gun, even if it’s in the air, because the old saying is true: what goes up must come down,” Dunn said.

“This time it was a car, but another time it could be a person.”

Dunn said she hopes by sharing her story, revelers will be more careful in the future, no matter what they’re celebrating.

Firing off a gun or fireworks is illegal within the city limits of Kansas City and many other surrounding communities.