BELTON, Mo. — Imagine living in a home with 30-plus cats as your neighbor.

Hope you don’t have allergies.

It’s a situation playing out in Belton, Missouri where the city says it’s dealing with a well-established “cat colony,” their words.

The meows are a bit quieter these days. Workers continued gutting the home on Chula Vista on Tuesday. Its address is well-known to neighbors because of its tenants.

“I mean, every day. There’s at least 8 or 10 hanging out in his driveway every day,” neighbor Michael Bresette said.

“He said he had at least 20 outdoor cats and he had like 8 or 9 indoor cats on top of that, and those are generous numbers. I bet they’re higher. Yeah, there was a lot of cats,” Bresette said.

The remaining evidence: children’s stuffed animals tossed on the home’s roof as a joke by workers.

Neighbors say the previous owner, who fed the cats, is now in hospice care.

According to a news release from the city, animal control is now trapping, checking-out, and working with other agencies to rehome the ones that would have been left behind.

Nineteen cats have already gone through this process, according to a news release.

“A lot of them looked like they were really healthy,” Wendy Thurston, another woman who lives in the area said.

“HELP Humane has been out here to trap quite a few of them. From what I understand they had a good 20 or 30 last week,” Thurston said.

Previously, cats had been trapped, neutered, and released as a form of population control.

Neighbors say this new approach has made things a lot quieter.

“It feels weird honestly. It feels empty without them here,” Bresette said.

When asked if he misses them.

“A little bit. A little bit. They were chasing bugs in our backyard and all that good stuff, and now they’re just gone,” Bresette said.