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Warning: Some may find the details of this story disturbing. 

CLINTON, Mo. — A cat found in Clinton might lose both front paws after rescuers discovered someone had tied rubber bands around them.

The Clinton Animal Shelter said in a Facebook post the cat was discovered Tuesday on Hormeyer Street.

Workers at the animal shelter initially thought the cat’s paws were burned, but after a trip to the vet, they discovered that someone had wrapped a rubber band around each of his front paws.

That caused the circulation to be almost completely cut off, and the little cat’s paws became swollen and infected. Now, the shelter said he’s fighting for his life.

If the cat does survive, he may lose one or both paws and may need prosthetic paws.

R.A.V.E Rescue has agreed to care for the cat after it is released from the vet. President Jennifer VanderMeer said the cat has a great personality.

“The vet told me that he’s loving and still trusting. The Epsom salt soaks don’t even brother him. He just wants to be taken care of,” she said.

VanMeer said the cat’s paws are now warm to the touch, which means that there is still circulation. He’s on antibiotics and eating normally.

Anyone with information about the abuse is asked to call the Clinton Police Department at 660-885-2679.

You can donate to the cat’s care here.