Cease fire campaign in KC seeks to tap into goodwill created by Chiefs' victory

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Neighbors in the urban core are trying to tap into the goodwill created by the Chiefs Super Bowl celebration.

They’re using social media to urge the community to cease fire for 30 days to reduce shootings in Kansas City.

Online postings started after the Chiefs won the conference championship.

Kansas City’s No Violence Alliance has been spreading messages on Facebook reminding fans that the Chiefs’ success has made a difference in how we feel about one another.

And some want that unity to carry over throughout the community in other ways.

At the top of the list: stop the bloodshed that’s the result of frequent shootings.

“We have seen random acts of kindness happen all over the metro,” said the Rev. Darren Faulkner, community engagement director for KC NoVA. “That’s the camaraderie of this Kansas City Chiefs football team. Why not tap into that? OK? Let’s raise everyone’s awareness to cease fire over next 30 days.”

Through social media, KC NoVA targets people it has identified as the most likely to shoot or be shot.

And although homicides and shootings have continued during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run, Faulkner believes the pace of bloodshed has slowed in recent days, compared to the alarmingly high shooting rate the city experienced in January.

Faulkner said there’s been good feedback as the ceasefire message is getting a lot of shares on Facebook.

Many in the urban core like the idea of starting with a small goal of reducing violence during the next month.

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