Celebration for Veteran’s Day starts early at Truman Library

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Veteran’s Day is right around the corner but many decided to celebrate early with a special ceremony held at the Truman Library, Sunday.

“Tears well up in my eyes. It just does something to me, playing Taps,” said Gene Winslow, who says “Taps” is much more than a song. “At lights out when they play Taps it doesn’t bother me. But whenever they play it for a funeral, tears well up in my eyes.”

Memories are still vivid and for veterans, what we will celebrate Tuesday is much more than 24 hours but instead it’s every day.

“It’s part of that American that is instilled within a person. It’s almost like it’s in your genes and you can’t get rid of it,” he said.

Pieces of history sprinkled throughout a room pop out beyond the paper through memories and stories brought to life.

“I was going downtown for something and out of the post office came a man and I said that’s for me…it was a man in his Marine dress blues,” said Winslow.

That was 50 years ago and Winslow still remembers the first time he put on his uniform.

“It just was something marvelous,” he said.

A wreath is set by President Harry Truman’s grave, as veterans of all ages watch with honor.

“Every time I see people, when they’re young I think, that’s what we were fighting for,” he said. “Well done, to each and every veteran.”

The celebrating doesn’t stop here. People will be able to get into the Truman Library free of charge on Veteran’s day.

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