KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A homicide victim made one final attempt to get help before her death. The two-second call to 911 never connected, according to a key document in the case.

Deleisha “Dee Dee” Kelley, 16, died in December 2014.

A homeless man discovered Kelley’s body inside an abandoned garage near 24th Street and Monroe Avenue. Detectives don’t believe Kelley died in Kansas City, Missouri.

A newly-released probable cause statement builds a case against Billy Dupree, the man prosecutors believe is responsible for Kelley’s death.

Prosecutors charged Billy Dupree with first-degree premeditated murder in Kelley’s death in January 2023. More than 9-years after the crime.

After using DNA to identify Kelley, detectives obtained her phone records, according to court documents.

The probable cause statement shows Kelley frequently called a phone number that belonged to Billy Dupree.

The court document also shows all outgoing calls from Kelley’s cell phone stopped on Dec. 18, 2014. The final call from the phone was to 911 for help, according to records. The call never connected to 911 operators.

Detectives then mapped the location of the victim’s cell phone. Phone records show Kelley’s phone was in Wyandotte County the day she died, and it never left the area.

Police then interviewed the victim’s family. A cousin provided detectives with key information when she remembered Kelley said she planned to stay with a boyfriend in Kansas.

Detectives later identified Dupree as Kelley’s boyfriend.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation took over the case since prosecutors believe that’s where Kelley died.

Charging documents list more than 100 witnesses in the case, including former KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler.