Ceremonial groundbreaking signals beginning of new terminal construction at KCI

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The first step of building a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport began Monday with a ceremonial groundbreaking. The new project will be the largest single infrastructure project in Kansas City history.

Hear from city leaders at the ceremony in the video player below.

The new terminal has been a hot discussion for many months, as developers have released pictures that workers will soon begin bringing to life. However, it might take a little while before travelers will see significant changes around Terminal A.

The completion date is looking to be sometime in 2023, and this multi-year project has a lot of ground to cover, approximately one-million square feet, meaning plenty of changes are forthcoming.

“The scope is tremendous. It’ll change the roadway system coming in, change the entire terminal experience, it’ll add a lot of convenience and amenities that folks won’t have, commercial curb for the buses, places for taxis and TNCs, places for different shuttles, limos, arrivals and departures will be separated from the commercial traffic. Right now we’ve got everybody on the same road, so it becomes quite a mess when several airlines come in at one time. That’ll all be separated out,” said Patrick Klein, Kansas City’s director of aviation.

“It’ll be a lot more visible, if you will, to the general public. You’ll be able to drive by as you’re going to catch a flight. You’ll be driving by Terminal A and you’ll see the activity out on the airfield as we begin work. So the excitement of seeing that activity is really what the difference will be, I believe,” said Dan Moylan, Edgemoor’s director of development.

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