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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City ATA is making significant changes to metro bus routes. Administrators hope the changes will create a more efficient network of transit routes and making using the bus easier for customers.

A total of 54 routes are affected by the changes.

You can find new schedules and detailed bulletins here.

  • 142-North Oak will add service to Zona Rosa via Congress Ave. The route will also run on Sundays and later in the evenings.
  • 30-Northeast will extend to the Northeast Industrial District to replace the 126-E. 5th Street, which is being discontinued. This change adds weeknight and weekend transit service to the area, as well as offer more frequent service to the area.
  • The Metro makes transit on 12th Street and Truman Road more intuitive and easier to use. The 12th-Street route, which alternated trips on Truman or 12th Street, will be split into two routes: the NEW 15-Truman Road will serve Truman Road and downtown. The 12-12th Street will use 12th Street on all trips, and will extend to 31st & Van Brunt for more transfer connections.
  • 47-Roanoke and 51-Broadway will have new routes to better match the demand for service in downtown, midtown, the Plaza and the East Side. Both routes are being renamed. 47 will become the 47-Broadway with service along Main, Broadway, 47th St. and Blue Parkway. The route will add Sunday service. 51 will become the 51-Ward Parkway, serving Southwest Trafficway, KU Medical Center, West Plaza, Ward Parkway and the Linden Hills area.