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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been named one of the best sports bars in Kansas City. Now Chappell’s and all of its sports memorabilia are changing hands.

“I’ve had it for 32 years, it`s time to retire,” says Jim Chappell.

Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum opened in 1986 — almost 32 years ago.

“Being here isn`t work, I`ve always enjoyed being here, and that`s why I`ve lasted 32 years here. It`s a great way to make a living, and I really enjoy my customers, and I enjoy being here,” Chappell added.

But Jim Chappell is handing the keys over to a new owner… Brosephs Restaurant Group –or BRG.

“We sold it to a California Group, really great guys, and they`re going to take over this month,” Chappell said. “I will not be in charge, but I will be here, that`s very important, I will be here every day, but the restaurant is sold, I have no management responsibilities.”

The restaurant is located on Armour Road in North Kansas City, and the walls and ceilings are covered in sports memorabilia — everything from boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali to helmets from various colleges across the country.

“The Sports Authority said it was the history of Kansas City sports, and I would say that`s correct, it is the history of Kansas City sports, it goes back to the turn of the century, and the Athletics, the Blues, the Monarchs, the Royals championship, the Chiefs championship, they`ve all been here,” added Chappell,

“It`s probably one of the biggest sports collections in a restaurant/bar in the country, Sports Illustrated picked it as number 10 in the country, and we`ve had a lot of national attention of the massive collection of memorabilia, but it all stays, the business and the memorabilia in the building all goes with the owners from California.”

Chappell’s will remain in the same location and building that it has been for three decades.

“It`s the history of the sports, this is a sports town, and they like to have the reminder of all the great times in Kansas City sports,” said Chappell. “The atmosphere and the memorabilia will stay the same, I think they`ll do a new menu, but I think they`ll just put a little new life into it.”

Chappell was also inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall Of Fame in 2013.