Charges filed after victim shot at armed robbers, killing 1, in self-defense near Truman and Oakley


Anthony Blackmon and Daeshafaun Jackson-Bey

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man and woman are facing multiple charges in connection to an attempted robbery back in May that led to a killing after their intended victim fired shots in self-defense, killing one of the would-be robbers’ accomplices.

Anthony Blackmon, 21, and 20-year-old Daeshafaun Jackson-Bey, each face charges of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, three counts of armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence, according to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Baker.

According to court records filed Tuesday, on May 23, officers responded to a Dollar General at E. Truman Road and Oakley on a reported shooting. A man, identified as 30-year-old Joshua Jackson, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

When officers arrived on scene they saw a black Toyota Camry, with heavily tinted windows, parked in the first parking spot closest to the front door of the store.

Police found another person, who appeared to have been shot as well as a black semiautomatic handgun lying on the front passenger floor with the slide on the weapon locked to the rear.

The second victim was taken to an area hospital with gunshot wounds to his abdomen, hip and wrist, which required surgeries before being released from medical care.

The second victim stated he met a woman online, identified as Jackson-Bey. He agreed to pay her $50 for sex. When he arrived at her home, she asked him if he had money. He stated he wanted to exchange money inside. As he gave her the $50 he heard movement inside the home in which Jackson told him it was her dog.

The two walked inside the home and Jackson locked the door behind him. The victim stated when he walked inside, one bedroom door was open and one was closed.

The victim said he didn’t feel right and was ready to leave when the victim said a skinny guy with a gun came out of one bedroom and a heavy guy with a gun came out of a second bedroom.

One of the guys said to the victim, “give me everything.” The victim was then blocked from leaving. He told detectives he has a conceal and carry permit and when they started shooting at him, he caught the two men by surprise and pulled out his gun and started shooting at both men.

One of the men, identified as Joshua Jackson, died at the scene.

The victim called 911 and went back to his car and drove to the Dollar General.

Blackmon and Jackson-Bey told police Jackson was outside on the front porch when shots were fired and they saw a black vehicle drive away.

When police processed the crime scene, no firearms were located at the home. A witness later reported receiving a firearm from Blackmon, which he claimed was used during Jackson’s killing.

When police arrested Blackmon and Jackson-Bey on Monday in Kansas City, police video showed Jackson-Bey receiving a bag with a 9 mm handgun inside.

Prosecutors have requested a bond of $300,000 for Blackmon and $150,000 for Jackson-Bey.



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