PLATTE CITY, Mo. — An 18-year-old is charged with making a terrorist threat in Platte County.

Two people contacted Platte City police last week to report Joshua D. Clark threatened to “shoot up” Platte County R3 High School, according to the probable cause statement.

One of the teenagers told officers Clark asked her “What if I would have done it?” The witness told investigators “it” was a school shooting, according to the court document.

The witnesses also said Clark said “tomorrow’s the day” and spoke about “setting a new record,” referencing the Virginia Tech school shooting and 33, the number of people killed.

Investigators interviewed Clark on Monday. He said he did speak to the witnesses, but denied threatening a shooting at the school, according to the probable cause statement.

The Platte County School District said it found out about the potential threat last week. The district said there have been additional officers and security in place around school buildings.

Families received an email about the arrest Wednesday.

We remind parents, staff, and students that school safety is the responsibility of the entire school community. Please follow the principle of “see something, say something.” If anyone (student, parent, staff member, community member) sees or hears anything of concern, please contact the District office at (816) 858-5420 or your building administrator so that those concerns can be investigated.

Platte Couth School District email

Tips can also be reported online through the online SafeSchools Alert system.

The school district said Clark was not a student at Platte County High Cchool.