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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One local charity made a donation on Friday that they hope will help children feel a little happier while they’re in the hospital.

Volunteers from ‘Henry’s Haul’ donated more than 10,000 toy cars to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Henry ‘Henry’s Haul’ is named after a little boy named Henry who died from leukemia.

Organizers say they want to do what they can to make children’s stay at the hospital a little better.

“We noticed that kids still want to be kids even though they’re sick and each little car puts a smile on their face and it just makes us smile,” said Kristi Lewczenko, the charity’s founder.

Last year the organization collected more than 10,000 cars. They beat their record this year by receiving more than 10,300 donated cars. They continue to accept donations year-round. Click here for their website.