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WASHINGTON D.C. — The mother of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro spoke from the nation’s capitol yesterday in support of Operation LeGend, a now nationwide federal crackdown on city violence.

“I want to thank to thank God for giving me the strength to withstand today. Operation LeGend is not to harm or to hurt,” Charron Powell, the boy’s mother, said. “It is to help investigate unsolved murders, in which one of those happen to be our innocent 4-year-old son.”

Taliferro was sleeping in his apartment in Kansas City when a drive-by shooter fired shots into the building, killing the boy. The news sparked community outrage.

“This operation is personal to us. We want justice for our son and others,” Powell said. “My one and only child, who fought through open heart surgery at four months, is gone due to senseless gun violence.

“Children are supposed to be our future, and our 4-year-old son didn’t make it to Kindergarten.”

During the same address from the White House, President Donald Trump promised to help anyone who asked for federal assistance.

“As soon as the cities and states call to ask for help, on a very large basis, we will be there with full force and we will stop this horrible situation very quickly, but in the mean time, we’re doing something that’s going to have an impact,” Trump said. “This will be hard painstaking work, it will take time, the tide will not recede overnight.”

Kansas City activists have raised concerns over an increased federal presence, especially in the wake of protests over racism and issues with law enforcement. Federal troops on the ground in Portland during recent protests have also raised red flags over first amendment issues.

KC Mayor Lucas joined five other mayors in opposing federal force during protests. However, he also gave his support for Operation LeGend, reassuring city residents that the new agents will help only in investigations, not on-the-ground policing.

“I stand here today as a mother fighting against violence for my son, LeGend Taliferro,” Powell said. “My family and I support Operation LeGend, and we strongly want our community and everyone else behind us.”

Powell ended her address by describing her son.

“One thing about LeGend, he was… he was exciting, he loved basketball. He was a ball of joy, and I want his legacy to live on.”