Chasing spirits at Liberty’s famous haunted winery

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Many folks flock to haunted houses this time of year to see and hear something frightening. But, there’s a place in the metro where spirits supposedly seek out guests.

FOX 4’s Rob Collins and photojournalist Matt Kline go ghost hunting at one most professed haunted places in the Midwest.

By day, the sprawling picturesque property of the Belvior Inn and Winery in Liberty sits mostly mundane oozing of Jacobethan Revival architecture and humanitarian history paved by the Missouri International order of Odd Fellows.

But by night, mundane turns to macabre as stories of spirits fill the air and encircle the property like the tall tress bending in the breeze.

"They saw two little girls that looked like identical twins in the room with them; they were there for five seconds and they were gone."

Apparitions, footsteps, voices, doors creaking and pianos playing without reason -- pretty common according to guests in the sleepi quarters and the winery below.

"About 30 minutes later another group that was in room 5, they had come out the night before and actually left in the middle of the night, because two little girls were in the room at 2:30 as well, but they did not stay the night. They went ahead and left."

Outside of the main building sits a dilapidated old folks home, a harrowing hospital,  an ominous orphanage,  and a cemetery with 600 haunting headstones

The perfect playground for Keith Ross and his group of paranormal investigators

"We have an SLS cam that we use. We use thermal imaging and stuff like that, but the majority of time we see them with our own eyes."

That's the hope of visitors from as far away as Japan and England who gather for ghost tours hoping to get a glimpse of something ghoulish.

"They want to connect with that history, so the nice thing is in some cases, they're getting to do that."

"We are getting a lot of paranormal activity in here with all this equipment which basically modulates the voice of whatever spirits are in here with us," FOX 4's Rob Collins said. "So, we are going to try this: spirits, this is FOX 4  television, do you have a message for anybody out there?"

Silence as our cameras rolled and then a sound of voice, saying what sounds like "Nothing."

"Sounds like he said 'nothing,' that's what it sounded like to me," Rob said "Apparently, we're in their way. They don't have a message for us. At least they didn't tell us to get out."

Real or not? Doesn't matter. That's not the point, according to the folks at the Belvior.

"We want the people that have never had an experience, don't believe, we want them to come here with an open mind and see what takes place and then let them make their own decisions."

"If you go out on an investigation and a raccoon runs through the room, I want people to know that was a raccoon, that was not a ghost because it's just as important for people to understand everything happens out here is not paranormal."

Hard to argue the presence of something. Could be the spirits from the historical site roaming the setting befitting of a Hollywood horror flick, or it could be tantalizing tales of terror blowing in the breeze after a few spirits in the bar. After all, they do offer a fortified desert wine labeled "BOOS."



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