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The actress who plays the mother in the Cheerios commercial that caused an unexpected stir because of the mixed-raced family it features, issued a response to the surprising criticism of her make-believe family and of Cheerios.

The commercial features a curly-haired brown girl inquiring of her Caucasian mother and African-American father about Cheerios’ healthy attributes.

“Mom, Dad told me that Cheerios was good for your heart. Is that true?” she asks in the commercial, titled “Just Checking.”

People began commenting in YouTube’s comment section, critical of the mixed-race family and making references to ‘Nazis’, ‘troglodytes’ and ‘racial genocide’.

So, the comment section was disabled.

Granted, the comments section of the Internet is rarely a reliable space for reflective or thoughtful discourse on race in America.

And, there were also many supportive comments.

However, the mother/actress’ statement about the controversy sums it up nicely.

Watch FOX 4 Loren Halifax’s report in the player above for her statement.