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TAMPA, Fla. — It started as a friendly wager between coworkers.

Angel Fortney, an avid Chiefs fan and Tampa transplant, betting her Buccaneers-supporting coworker that Patrick Mahomes would lead his team and repeat as Super Bowl champs.

Just like a great rivalry on the gridiron, the office wager escalated. It started with a lot of trash talking.

“Said coworker was talking trash all morning. This clearly isn’t my strong suit, so I took a slightly different approach by helping him decorate his desk,” Fortney shared in a Facebook post. “Until you prove me wrong I will never concede that Tampa is better than KC. Even then I still won’t agree with you.”

The friendly bet continued to gain momentum as the week progressed. So did the potential pay off.

In another Facebook post, this time in the ‘Arrowhead Update: Chiefs Kingdom‘ group, Fortney explained her dilemma. If the Chiefs repeat, she said she planned to rent a KC Wolf costume and make her coworker wear it at work all day. She says she can’t find a similar costume anywhere in Tampa.

So she asked the Facebook Group and fellow members of the Chiefs Kingdom what an appropriate bet would be if she can’t find a wolf costume.

Fortney says she hasn’t decided what her co-worker will need to do after Super Bowl LV, but Chiefs fans have suggested everything from costume shops that may ship to making him dress up like Patrick Mahomes for the day.

The Chiefs face the Buccaneers Sunday, Feb. 7 in Super Bowl LV. Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m.