Chiefs fan bus owner wants to advise other potential partiers

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LENEXA, Ks. —   No matter the score of the ballgame, Chiefs fans say they never lose the pre-game party.

Every Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, portions of the parking lot are filled with privately-owned fan buses. One party bus owner from Lenexa wants to help others find their own party on wheels.

The first time you see it, you notice the rumble, and then, you meet the rowdies. Chiefs fanatic Amy Gilmore and her family bought this one-time city bus from Austin, Texas, and transformed it into ‘The Tequilagater.’ Gilmore said the bus cost less than $3,000 at auction.

Every Sunday the Chiefs play at home, Gilmore and her family pack this Cummings diesel-fueled sled, and head off to Arrowhead for pigskin and to party.

“We have people come by just to say, ‘can I look inside your bus?” Gilmore said. “That is so cool. That’s so awesome. Where did you get it?”

Gilmore and five of her relatives bought the bus at auction, and it’s one of many privately owned buses parked outside Chiefs games.

“A lot of people come up and ask if they can see inside the bus. It’s cool,” Tracy Herron, Gilmore’s sister, said.

And the Tequilagaters want to share their knowledge. They’ve asked the Chiefs organization to help them organize a seminar — a party bus rodeo, of sorts — allowing interested bus owners a chance to share ideas and designs.

“We got into this in a season where the team had won two games,” Bill Rusch, Gilmore’s brother-in-law, said. “It wasn’t our first bus. And we didn’t have any problems selling the old one.”

It seems there’s always a crowd gathered around the Tequilagaters bus. Gilmore tells me she’s seen as many as 60 people packed into the party, some of whom are interested in owning their own party on wheels.

“It’s a whole community of people,” Gilmore said. “Tailgaiting is such an important part of going to the games. Nobody does it like Kansas City. No one does.”

And she has a bus that proves it.

Gilmore and her family say they’ve reached out to the Chiefs, asking about a fan bus seminar. A club representative tells FOX 4 news the Chiefs haven’t had enough time to consider the idea.

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