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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They’re back again, and still singing their football woes.

Members of the Kansas City Chiefs fan contingent known as “Save Our Chiefs” have written another song. They say they plan to write a song a week until something changes with their team.

Kenneth Duncan says this latest song explains they aren’t just fair weather fans, and the burden falls on more than one person.

“We really wanted to come across saying we’re not fair weather fans,” Duncan said. “We are tired of losing, but we spread it out a little more instead of just attacking one person — if you could say attacking — and really just show that we are fans.”

Their last song “Save Our Chiefs/Send Pioli Back to Where He’s From” has gotten more than 10,000 hits on You Tube.

The Chiefs are currently 1-7 overall, and have not led a football game during regulation this season. Kansas City awaits a Monday night meeting with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Pa.

Follow this link to see Save Our Chiefs’ Facebook page.

Follow this link to see the new song on You Tube.