KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A disappointing day for Chiefs Kingdom and even more disappointing for one fan whose car was stolen on game day. 

“Came back outside and the van was driving away, and it started heading down the interstate,” said Riley Halley.

The custom Chiefs van was stolen right in front of their eyes as they simply started it to get it warmed up. Inside were possessions that aren’t the easiest to replace.

“We had an Alex smith signed Jersey which was very important to us,” said Halley.

The theft of the van was at the hotel they stayed at for the past 15 years. Halley filed a police report and has spoken with the police.

While he’s optimistic about getting it back, he has a message for the alleged thieves.

“Just please bring it back man, we have a lot of memories, we’ve had a lot of good times in that van coming up the night before Chiefs games going, away games.”

And yes, there was never a doubt they still made it to the game. Halley and his people aren’t the only ones walking about with a little bit of hope.  

“We’re Super Bowl bound; we’re going to the Super bowl” said one Chiefs fan.

“I think it’s up for a rematch, see you in the playoffs,” another fan said.