Chiefs fans brave cold and windy weather to watch team

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs fans expecting a win Sunday over the Raiders. They’re also expecting to be just a little chilly inside the stadium with this cold weather.

The weather may be cold for Sunday’s game. However, Chiefs fans have faced much worse.

“This game four years ago, the high was three degrees and it was a night game on a Thursday night. Nothing at all, just another day,” Chiefs fan, Morgan Patterson said.

Tailgaters say, it’s not the frigid temps but rather, the wind that caught them off guard this morning.

“Really it’s not too bad right now. It’s not too bad. We couldn’t get our side panels to stay up. But other than that, it’s been okay,” Chiefs fans, Jean Eischeid said.

These fans came prepared to conquer the elements — armed with heaters, gloves and hats. They say there’s a method to staying warm during the game.

“My personal belief on layers, is you start out thin early. Then you can always add on later,” Patterson said.

This weather is something chiefs fans are used to, some even say, they live for game days in the cold.

“For me, it gives me more motivation to get pumped up because it keeps me warm. I feel like everyone has that. So everyone is just a bit more pumped on cold game days,” Chiefs fan Victoria White said.



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