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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fans are reacting Friday to the news that Tyreek Hill is back on track to play this upcoming season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Arrowhead Stadium is now in Hill’s future after the NFL announced Friday they won’t suspend the wide receiver.

Fans that FOX4 spoke with at Country Club Plaza are looking forward to success in the next season, something they said they’ve been unsure about until now.

“I think it’s great for the team,” fan Chad Johnson said. “I’m glad he got it sorted out, and hopefully all his family dynamics work out. I think it’s great for the city. It should be exciting.”

“I was really glad to see it got sorted out, and that based off of all of the investigation, that he was innocent,” fan Cooper Lauck said. “So I’m glad he’s going to be able to see the field and get back with the team before training camp.”

Everyone FOX4 spoke with on the street was excited for the upcoming season. However, online it’s not as positive when it comes to Hill.

Some were outspoken on FOX4’s Facebook page about the decision not to suspend Hill.

“I see future trouble in this lowlifes future. Not saying he did what they claimed but he is a thug. Typical NFL player,” Kenny Roll commented.

“What a joke,” John Gillham said in a Facebook comment. “Chiefs win at all cost.”

“He admitted to punching his kid,” Janie Moss Lucas said. “Something special about Chiefs fans.”

“This is what our children look up to?” Jill Wisdom said. “I hope not!”

In March, allegations came out that Hill may have been involved in his son’s broken arm. Then in May, a partial clip of an audio recording was released that many believed painted Hill in a negative light.

“The truth always comes out, and I’m happy for him,” Johnson said. “I know that was a lot of stress on him, and his family, and his kid mostly, and I’m just glad everything worked out. I’m hoping for the best for the kid.”

“Being a black father on top of that, they get so much criticism on being a father. Then when you try to be a good father, then it’s like somebody is trying to take that away from you just saying little stuff,” fan Janise Lee said.

With both Johnson County and the NFL’s investigations closed, fans are excited “the Cheetah” can focus on football.

“I’m just glad that he’s able to play,” Lee said. “I hope he learned his lesson.”

“I think it’s Super Bowl or bust, right? You’ve got the whole team back,” Johnson said. “Huge expectations this year. We gotta build off of last year, so I think it’s Super Bowl or bust for sure.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes posted Hill in uniform with his teammates Friday.

“It’s going to be awesome to welcome him back and bring him back with the guys and get to work,” Mahomes told reporters Friday. “Training camp’s coming up. We’re ready to get back on the field, focus on football. Now getting the news today, I’m happy we get him back, and we get to work and build that chemistry for the season.”

Chiefs training camp kicks off July 27.