KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hundreds of thousands of fans gathered Wednesday at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade and rally, but they’re running into trouble to get home.

Organizers set up five Park & Ride shuttle routes. They picked fans up all morning from sites throughout the Kansas City metro and dropped them off at locations near downtown.

“I remember the traffic from the Royals parade,” Jennifer Reed said. “Cars were just abandoned on the road, so we didn’t want to be part of that mess at all.”

FOX4 jumped on one shuttle that started in Johnson County on Wednesday morning to see how the process worked. No one there seemed to wait more than 10 minutes as buses kept coming and going.

Reed and her family were impressed with how efficient the ride downtown was.

“The buses have been going really quickly,” she said. “I like the idea of not having to fight traffic downtown. This seems safer.”

Then after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration, the shuttles picked fans up again and took them back to their cars.

But Chiefs fans quickly discovered the wait to get back on those buses was extremely long.

Around 3-4 p.m., FOX4 cameras captured lines down the street at Park & Ride sites at 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard as well as 31st Street and Gillham Road.

City leaders previously told FOX4 that Chiefs fans could wait at least 45 minutes at popular shuttle locations.

A lot of these fans were up early and out in the somewhat chilly weather, so they were a little worried they might be waiting a while when none of the shuttles seemed to be moving.

“It’s never-ending,” Gary Ervin said about the long line. “You can’t even see (the end).”

Thankfully, by 5 p.m., all Chiefs fans had been picked up at these two sites and were headed back home.