Chiefs fans go through with bet, jumping into freezing pond after team achieves the improbable

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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. -- On Sunday, Parker Snow was like a lot of Kansas City Chiefs fans.

"I think we were part of the way through the second quarter. It was still 24-0. Me and my buddy Will was sitting there. Obviously pretty much lost hope." Snow said.

That's when Snow and his friend, Will Pryor, made a wager. If the Chiefs won the game, they'd jump into the pond in front of Snow's house.

"He's like alright, alright, let's do it," Snow said.

Kansas City achieved the improbable -- storming back to win 51-31.

"Somehow we ended up winning and we stuck true to our word and jumped in the pond," Snow said.

There's video to prove it. With the freezing temps and wintry mix outside, the water was cold and hit like a brick.

"Went all the way under and I came up. I was like I don't know if I'm going to get out of here because I just kind of locked up," Snow said.

Snow said he and his friend may have given up on the team, but they're glad the Chiefs didn't give up on themselves.

"We've played games where we're up big and end up getting beat. We're pretty good at that. I still had hope," Snow said.

Parker said he's looking forward to watching the Chiefs play in the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. He said he doesn't plan on betting against the Chiefs again.



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