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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City football fans were elated on Sunday afternoon after the Chiefs big win over the Miami Dolphins.

Immediately following the game some fans headed straight to sports stores to score playoff themed gear.

“I’ve been a Chiefs fan my whole life, I’m excited about going to the playoffs again, I already got playoff tickets, I’m just excited,” said Danny Vega.

Sunday’s big win also means a lot to Kansas City native Derwin Finley. Serving in the military means at times he’s stationed all over the world, but catching the game while at home for the holidays is special.

“We were actually at the Applebee’s by the stadium so we got a chance to be there, all the TVs were lit up and my kids got to see a good win. They had a little downhill slide mid-season but they picked it up and I can’t wait to see what the playoffs look like,” said Finley.

He’s seen the team in the playoffs before and hopes this year is the year the chief’s take it all.

“I grew up a Chiefs fan, my dad always had me wearing Chiefs red and gold and the Chiefs got a great win today against the Miami Dolphins, I’m kind of glad about that and it was great to be home to see this win,” said Finley.