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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Since Patrick Mahomes has arrived in Kansas City, the Chiefs have reached a level of success the franchise has not seen before.

In fact, they have been the team that everyone is looking to beat as they are on the verge of a potential dynasty with a win in Super Bowl LVII.

Five straight AFC Championships, three Super Bowl appearances in five seasons and one Super Bowl victory. Many of the ingredients in a recipe that has been the barometer for success in the current NFL.

Mahomes has been the head chef in making this meal and Chiefs general manager Brett Veach understands that as long as he’s in a Chiefs uniform, they always have a chance.

“When you have have Pat Mahomes, we’re wired to go after it every year,” Veach said to ESPN.

Veach has done quite a job in building the roster around the likely soon-to-be two-time MVP, helping sustain success for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are set to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. Super Bowl LVII.