Chiefs pack their bags and road trip to Missouri Western for training camp


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs are on the road again, this time heading to St. Joseph and Missouri Western State University for training camp.

The team packed up dozens of boxes of helmets, shoes, and uniforms for the short trip north. The equipment team hauls almost everything the athletes need to get through camp.

The Chiefs don’t supply things like big screen TVs or gaming consoles. Those are up to the players to haul up the day they move into the dorms.

This year’s camp will resemble training camps before the COVID-19 pandemic. The team will hold daily and training sessions for players. Fans will also be allowed at some practices.

If you plan to drive to St. Joseph to see the Chiefs in action, you need to reserve a ticket online. Most sessions are free, but you will need a ticket to be allowed inside.

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