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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The Chiefs players who reported to camp on Monday showed up seemingly well prepared for the next month: TVs, pillows, game consoles — the basics and must-have’s to get by. But it was a small group of fans who made them feel most welcome.

“Sup man, How you doing?” asked one of the rookies to the handful of fans waiting outside the Missouri Western State University Dorms.

“It’s a short trip from Kansas City to Chiefs training camp in St. Joe.

“It’s pretty awesome. Its right down the road. It’s fun having them up here, seeing them up close. said Josh Bethards, a St. Joe native seeking autographs from the rookies.

But for NFL rookies, the next month, spent on the campus of Missouri Western State University, it may be a far cry from anything they’re used to.

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“It’s going to be special. You know every moment as far as on this level is special,” said rookie Nico Johnson “I got me a fridge. I got me a TV and some sheets and pillows.

“I feel like a freshman. But I’m used to it. I’ve been through it. It’s not my first rodeo,” said rookie Knile Davis.

So in support a handful of chiefs super-fans, as they call themselves, set up shop “We’re just trying to figure out who’s who for right now,” said Bethards.

“Just trying to meet some of the rookies, wish them good luck. Trying to meet some of the coaching staff. It’s a whole new era in Kansas City it feels like,” said super fan, Randy Cooper.

The fans were eager to see the new faces and excited to cheer on the guys, they say, could bring a championship back to Kansas City.

“I mean it’s right around the corner. It’s an exciting time to be a Chiefs fan right now,” said Cooper.

So as the first batch of players made their way to the dorms where they will sleep, each made a stop by the small group. Greeting the one constant , fans who make them feel at home.

Missouri Western says the largest crowd to ever show up to camp was four years ago when the chiefs held camp in St. Joe for the first time. That year 60,000 fans made their way on to campus.

The crowds have since dwindled but everyone is expecting big numbers this year with all the changes made in the off-season.