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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Chiefs tight end is the first NFL player to commit to cryptocurrency.

Sean Culkin tweeted Monday morning to announce he will convert his entire 2021 NFL base salary to Bitcoin. He’s set to make $920,000 this season. Culkin won’t ever see an actual dollar of that pay. The currency will immediately be converted into Bitcoin through an app called Zap.

Caulkin played football for and graduated from the University of Missouri. He earned a degree in Finance and is currently working on his M.B.A. at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. He’s a self-proclaimed “market nerd.”

The 27 year-old explains exactly why he made the choice on a thread pinned to his Twitter feed. He compared Bitcoin to the way past generations valued gold. He also tweets that he’s planning for the future and already looking out for his children and grandchildren.

If you read the entire thread, Caulkin doesn’t recommend others follow his lead by investing an entire salary in Bitcoin. He does recommend diversifying and allocating at least part of your investment in cryptocurrency.